Archive for March 31st, 2009

  • Share Your Thoughts

    When you show people what it is that you want, what you are willing to do to get it and share your thoughts with people believing they will understand,  you will discover that you have more in common with every age group than you thought.  It will open up your world.  Julie R,. advice from her

  • Ask People

    If you want to learn how to do something and have no money, then ask people if there is some task you can do that they will pay you for, then save up for it.Julie R., advice from her father

  • Youth is No Excuse

    Being young is not an excuse for not contributing, young people should never be afraid to express an opinion or to attempt to do something. There will always be people who say that you are too young to do things but the only person who can decide this is you. Julie R., advice form her