Teenagers – 10 Facts to Help You

Why are teenagers so turned off by rules, authority and discipline?

To answer these questions you have to look at the world from their vantage point.  Think of all the instant communication resources they have always at their disposal.  Young people today have spent years perfecting their instant everything skills.

Here are some facts about the Instant Everything generation that parents, teachers and managers should know about these bright, inquisitive and challenging young people.

Ten Facts about the Instant Everything Generation

1.  I like the Internet, cell phones, Facebook, Twitter, etc., because they are action-oriented, multi-dimensional and FAST.

2.  I will use instant communications, speed, flexibility and rapid decision making to make the most of each day.

3.  On the Internet I can research anything and challenge the status quo on everything.

4.  I can develop my new ideas and have them validated immediately.

5.  I get bored easily.

6.  I’m in control.  On these instant communication tools (Internet, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) I can decide what I want to look at, who I will communicate with and at what time of day or night the activity will take place.

7.  I can instantly explore exciting new places, things and ideas without ever leaving my computer.

8.  I can learn from the brightest minds in the world without time consuming lectures, training sessions and classrooms.

9.  I can share my ideas with others instantly.

10.  I like change and flexibility.

In essence adults are competing with the Internet and instant communications for their teenager’s attention, and it’s not a fair competition. Simply put, their world moves faster and in more directions than most adults’ world.

Our challenge is to mentor them without lectures; inspire them and show them how to turn their goals into action; and help them learn “the ropes” but know they will use those ropes differently than we did.  Teenagers want a two-way mentoring situation.  They want to learn from you and they want to show you how to look at some things from a different vantage point.

This Instant Everything generation will change our world in some exciting ways. Rapid and revolutionary change will become the standard as more and more of these young people take their rightful place in the world. Hold on! This is going to be exciting!

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