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“I’m not afraid of the night. I’m not even afraid when the bullets start.

I take my brother and we lay down in the bathtub

until the shooting stops.” 

This quote is from a 7th grade inner city student who wrote an essay entitled The Night.  

Reading it was a life-changing event. 

I read the essay at a parent-teacher conference for my granddaughter.  My organization, Accent on Success, has written two books and the developed five PowerPoint presentations to help young people succeed as a direct result of that young girl’s essay.



Our first book, Goal Setting for Students®, took more than 1-1/2 years to write and had valuable input from more than twenty-five professionals with advanced degrees in teaching and content development.  The book has received three national parenting book awards.

The second book Great Advice – No Lectures; Advice from the Front Lines of Life was inspired by watching and listening to young people.  They have never known a world without high speed Internet.  They know they need help, but their world revolves around instant everything.   Today’s young people WANT the information, NEED the information, but they want it ACTIONABLE bite-sized pieces.  They do not want the lectures that adults often give them with the advice.  This book meets their needs.


About the Author

Mr. Bishop knows about these important life skills on a personal level. He had two major back injuries in a ten – year period. The first broke his back in four places, and the second, more serious injury left him in constant pain.

After living with the pain for more than two years, he realized he had to do something to change.  Mr. Bishop set a goal to improve himself mentally and physically.  The first day he did one pushup and spent the next three days in bed. Then he did it again and again.  After several weeks he was doing ten pushups a day.  Eventually he started taking martial arts and fourteen years later earned two Black belts.  He started out with some very small goals and learned how to build upon them.

John Bishop, a graduate of Babson College in Boston, has more than twenty five years experience in sales and sales management.  He has owned two companies and developed sales organizations in the United States, Europe and Japan.   Mr. Bishop has been married to Carole for more than twenty-five years.   They live in St. Louis and have two daughters and five grandchildren.