Great Advice Book for Teens

Teens want the advice from adults, but they don’t want the lectures that come with it.  (their words not mine)

This ebook is for them.

The shared advice tips from over 500 people are easy-to-implement, and come from others who may have traveled in similar paths to yours.  You are not alone!   The GREAT ADVICE – No Lectures™ ebook will help you look at your situation differently.  You’ll get solid, real-world advice without the 30-60 minute lecture.

Great Advice - No Lectures


We asked over 100,000 people on question:

 What is the BEST ADVICE you ever received?

This ebook has hundreds of 2 – 3 sentence responses to this compelling question plus much, much    more.

Life is an ever-changing journey.

The goal for this book was to make one’s life journey

a little easier,

a little less fearful,

and a lot more interesting.

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You may be reading this book for new ideas to motivate yourself and improve your life. Or, you may be having some difficulties, and you are looking for a fresh perspective on things.  Or, you may be facing some new challenges and opportunities, and you want a little extra encouragement.   This book is for you.

Change is inevitable.

How we look at change, react to it, and learn from it differentiates us from the people around us.    We created this book because most of us can’t find the time to read a 350 page self-help book, but we want the information.  We live in an instant everything world.  Speed is the common thread.  We want bite-sized, actionable information in a format they can be implemented quickly.

This is first book in the GREAT ADVICE – No Lectures: Advice from the Front Lines of Life™ series to meet these needs. Future books will be on specific topics like relationships, business, marriage, money, etc.


We can help each other in this crazy, exciting and sometimes frustrating world. This ebook offers timely advice in a thought-provoking format that answers one question:

What is the BEST ADVICE you ever received?

The GREAT ADVICE – No Lectures™ book is a collection of hundreds of two – three sentence responses to this compelling question.

The GREAT ADVICE – No Lectures Book Includes:

· Answers to the question: What is the BEST ADVICE you ever received?
· License plates reminders
· Advice from other cultures (Native American, Chinese, Indian, etc.)
· You Are Not Alone
· Discussion topics:  Short 250 – 300 word life skills essays
· Quotes to Discussion
· Questions to Ponder