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  • Learn From Your Failures

    I think the best advice I've gotten - and the best thing I've taught my children - is that "failure leads to success".Dan

  • Be Kind

    Be kind.  It costs you nothing and comes back in amazing ways and in abundance.  In the end people matter and things don't.  As an adult I remember the hurtful things -- and the kindness -- that happened far more than I remember the really cool clothes.Mary

  • Truth

    Tell the truth!  Don't hide from your parents and be honest and open with your family about what you are doing in your life.  Your parents are there to support you!Sherri

  • Flexibility

    Be flexible.  Life will always give you turns and roadblocks that you can not expect.  Appropriately adapting to those obstacles will make you a stronger, wiser person.Brett

  • Find Your Passion

    Find Your Passion.  Identify what motivates you, what gets you going, and seek out opportunities to do it.  Whether it's engineering, pharmacy, liberal arts, maybe even volunteering, don't ever lose sight of what, and who, you are.  As long as you do that, you will be happy.Anne

  • Discipline

    If you can discipline yourself sufficiently to learn from the mistakes that others have made while travelling their own path through life, then your path will be that much easier to travel and you will arrive at each of your desinations much faster and much more successfully.Nicholas T.

  • Big Picture

    My one piece of advice is to think about the "big picture" but make sure to understand the 'snippets'.  Whether it's your financial, personal, work or school related efforts, always be aware of who you are inside and know how you want to be portrayed and act in accordance.Esther G.

  • Watch and Listen

    Watch, follow and listen to others. Think about what they say, publish or do. Decide whether what you read or watch will help you to learn or develop. Give more value to the output of those that you decide might help you - consider the output of the others less frequently, they might become important to you later.John P.

  • 10 Rules

    Let them understand: 1.   Value for Money 2.   Value to Society3.   Respect to their Elders4.   Be a good Listners 5.   Be Courageous6.   Self Dependent7.   Self Motivation8.   Self Confidence9.   Be innovative10. Self Decipline and Value for time.  Abdullah D

  • Do Your Best

    Do your best in all you do; expect to fail sometimes, but recognize and admit your errors and learn from them and don't stop trying; learn from other people's mistakes when you can, so as not to recreate them; help others, not because anyone will notice or care, but simply because you can; and take pride in your efforts.Jeannie

  • Respect Your Elders

    Be Cool ! But at the same time see that your elders don't get HOT to fume at you.....Also RESPECT your elders esp your parents/grandparents for they won't be with you forever.....Plus be knowledgeable and educate yourself to the best level.....Indira C

  • Don't be Perfect

    Don't try to be perfect - be Remarkable!Sheila

  • Listen and Learn

    Listen to a positive adult....What you do now may have consequences that span years. "T" stands for think, not thrill.Sharon

  • Love

    When you fall in love with someone, make sure it is for who that person is, and not who you want that person to be. Rushton

  • Your Actions

    Be able to consider your own actions as if you were watching yourself from across a room.Rushton H.

  • Career Advice

    The Adventures of Johnny Bunko: The Last Career Guide You'll Ever Need By Daniel Pink. This manga style comic book is a quick and easy read with up-to-date and pertinent advice. The book's points are also summarised on slideshare by Garr Reynolds -Susan G.

  • Taking Advice

    Don't take my or anyone's advice without first researching it yourself and weighing the issues. Do not be a person that blindly follows, but rather one that makes reasoned decisions based on what you have reasoned is true.That being said, also reexamine your beliefs throughout your life as you are exposed to more life experience. Often one finds that something they once believed is no longer consistent with what they know now. Dave A.

  • Stay in School

    Stay in school, get as much education as you can. Not just high school and college, but throughout life. If one does not further their education, more and more opportunities close with time. Go to college if it is all possible. It is well past the point in today's world where a high school education is sufficient to thrive. There are of course exceptions, but don't count on being the exception. Some people do win the lottery, but it is not prudent to count on lottery winning for survival.Dave

  • Faith

    Accept Jesus Christ as both Lord and Savior and live each moment to please Him and no one else. Andrea

  • Be a Servant

    Be a servant in all areas of your life (student, daughter or son, future employee, future employer, citizen, future spouse) choose to Love and serve.Paul

  • Learn Your Skills in High School

    Be sure to get skills as you go through high school. Learn how to do something that would be of value to an employer.Delaine

  • Nuture Your Faith

    Nurture your faith....Volunteer....Take good care of your body....Understand the true difference between "want" and "need"....Create the ability to meet your needs...More times than not, your parents are trying to show you the path of least resistance ... really!Kirk V.

  • Find a Mentor

    Books to read: "Think and Grow Rich", By Napoleon Hill.  And, "The Secret" Don't settle for less.  Don't take advice on something from someone who doesn't have what you want.  Find a mentor.  Learn; then be a mentor! Brian S.

  • Stay In School

    Stay in school - get a degree - stay off of drugs - now you are WAY cool.  By the way, your parents are smarter than they look!Barry

  • Never Stop Dreaming

    Don’t ever let anyone tell you what your limitations are,  you never know until you try. Never stop dreaming.Carole

  • Be Happy

    Don’t look for someone to make you happy. Happiness comes from within you. Respect yourself, if you don’t know one else will.Carole S.

  • Be Yourself

    Don’t try to be like everyone else.  You’ll only be happy being true to yourself. Think for yourself, don’t just regurgitate everyone else’s ideas and viewpoints.Carole S.

  • Life Isn't Fair

    I tell my children not to think life is fair because it isn't. But it is up to you to make the most of it. That you will make mistakes as you go through life. The important thing is to learn from the mistake and then move on. It does no good to dwell on the past you cannot change it but you can use the lesson to make a better future. Joseph M.

  • Your Future

    Realize the importance of your current education to your future dreams. Your future begins now and the life you expect to live tommorrow is being built (or destroyed) today. Darrell

  • Customer Service

    Read the book The Customer Comes Second (Hal Rosenbluth).  Take care of your employees and they will take care of your customers.Jim H