Archive for January 24th, 2009

  • Help Another Person

    Always do whatever you can to help another person - if for no other reason, than because he/she may be the one person who can help you some day!Margie

  • Reward Behaviors

    Reward behaviors and not accomplishments. If you reward for good grades and the teen has to make a choice of taking the low road to get a good grade what is more important to the parent?Chris

  • Your Free Time

    How do you like to spend your free time? What's a favorite class in school? These are the beginnings of what you could call planning a career. If you have an interest in something, say math or photography or fixing things even. Learn as much as you can about that and run with it! A career doesn't have to boring, in fact, it can be fun!Pillar A-S.

  • Don't Be Afriad

    Teenagers have a lot of pressure to make the right choices or else. Someone is probably always telling you what to do or not do.  Everyone makes mistakes but if you can learn something from a mistake or something that didn't go well then it's probably okay.  You should always ask yourself when evaluating the proper course of action: "Can I live with consequences or results of this action?" Whether yes or no, you'll have a better idea as to what to do. 

  • Be Open to Ideas

    In my own life I was always so focused on what I wanted to do that I ignored some great advice given to me by my parents, teachers and maybe even friends. The downside to having tunnel vision and being somewhat closed minded is that it has taken me a lot longer to figure out what I want to do with my life. The positive side to following my own path is that I have a lot of great work experiences from which to draw from and I can share my experiences with others.

  • Learn Your Business

    Learn the business you work for. Whether McDonald's or delivering pizza's understand the business. This is free internship material. does the company order product.....what happens before holidays (sometimes 5 months before)... what if a customer complains how do I handle it or do I handle it .... many teens and adults go to work, do their job only, and learn

  • Be Authentic

    Be authentic....Forever explore and expand your world....your intuition....your capacity for compassion.... Breathe deeply and release your frustrations and anger....Direct your energy well and shine your light..... Be diligent--never allow for mistakes when it comes to pregnancy.... Lisa