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  • Set Goals

    My best advice to a teenager would be to set SMART goals, which means, specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely goals.  I also suggest reading a couple of books...The Power of Now and A New Earth, both written by Eckhart Tolle.  Live in the moment...nothing else matters but what you are doing right NOW.  If you made a mistake in the past, take responsiblity for it and ask for forgiveness then let it go.  There is no need to create a story in your head and relive that mistake over again.   Becky

  • Greed

    Pigs are Fed, Hogs are SlaughteredRusty K.

  • Trust Your Judgment

    Trust your instincts and be a kid while you can be!Ajay J.

  • Enjoy Life

    Relax and enjoy life as much as you can. Angelica

  • Consequences

    Always think about the consequences of the actions you take. Take responsibilities for the outcomes of your actions. Angelica L.

  • Learn from Problems and Conflicts

    Never avoid or deny problems, conflicts or obstacles because they are a kind of learning besides textbooks and exams.  You gain another experience skill by learning how to solve life problems, people conflicts and unseen obstacles.  Even if you cannot solve them, you can learn how to find other resources to solve them. Angelia L.

  • Listen to Others

    Spend at least 30 minutes to 1 hour just listening and talking with your parents, grandparents, siblings...etc. Your family is the foundation of your strength, confidence, conscience, morality and the root of your personality/emotions in most aspects of life. Angeline L

  • Being Pretty

    What I tell my daughter: It's nice to be pretty, but better to be smart!Treva

  • Don't Give Up On Your Dreams

    Don't give up your dreams. If you want to expand your knowledge on life and go to college, but your family doesn't have the money to afford it, there is still hope. There's still financial aid, grants and loans that can help you to your dream. No question is a stupid question. Don't be afraid to ask. If you're unsure about something, ask someone to explain it to you. It's better to know than keep wondering.Thank

  • Live Life Responsibly

    Life is not a rehearsal. Make the most of every opportunity. Be responsible for your own actions. Learn from your mistakes. Tolerance and other people have opinions.Thank you Fiona M, mother of two teens

  • Peer Pressure

    Nikki Navta Pay attention to your instinct and ACT on it. When that little voice inside your head makes you wonder if you''re making the right choice, LISTEN.   Even (especially) if your friends are pointing you in the "danger direction", telling you "it's OK".   Don't be afraid to say "not this time", or "my parents would really kill me if I did that". Thank you NikkiAdvice from one of her teachers 

  • Show the World Who You Are

    1. Be yourself! 2. Live each day like no other... Make each of the 24 hours count. Learn a different language, learn a dance, make a new friend.3. Speak positive, be positive4. Impossible = I'm Possible5. Smile - Give the world your best face and best comes right back at you Thank you Sharayna D

  • Best Advice?

    Best Advice? Listen to your parents. Trust their experience. Go to school for what you truly love, not for what you think others expect of you. Follow your passions. Don't always live in the moment - for this too will pass.Thank you Dana

  • Respect

    Respect is the best way to show the world you are ready for said world. "Respect your elders" is not just an adage. Realize there is no shame in learning from parents etcetera because he/she probably just wants to stop you from making the same mistakes he/she made. ....If you respect yourself and others, your way in the world will be easier.Thank you Molly