What is the BEST ADVICE You Ever Received?

Your response will be added to the collected wisdom of others.  Together we can make difference by helping to positively change lives.

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Who Are We?

Accent On Success is a nonprofit dedicated to helping students succeed in

school and in life. Our first book, Goal Setting for Students, has won three

national parenting book awards.

What is Your Goal?

We want to develop 5,000 responses to the above question and assemble the answers in a format that will help people succeed. Right now we are accumulating the answers here. But, in the future the responses could be on a FaceBook, Twitter, iPod,etc. or in a book format or another form where people can learn from others.

Link Request

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Title: Accent On Success – Goal Setting For Students

Link: http://www.GoalSettingForStudents.com

Thank you for helping others with your BEST ADVICE ideas.

John Bishop

Executive Director

Accent On Success