10 Ways to Help Your Teacher

“Your teachers want you to succeed, but YOU have to help them.

They teach you about a particular subject like science, math or English. And they do much, much more. In combination with your parents, teachers show you how to take responsibility, how to get along with others, how to handle stress, how to improve your communication skills and how to believe in yourself. They teach you how to manage your time, how to set goals and how to make better personal decisions. So how can you help them?

10 Ways to Help YOUR Teachers

1. Listen—really listen—in class

2. Improve your note-taking skills

3. Take part in the class discussions

4. Review your subject notes before class

5. If necessary, change your seat assignment

6. Do an extra-credit project

7. Ask questions

8. Double check your homework and test material before handing them in

9. Hand your homework in on time

10. Two days before a test, do some additional studying in that subject area

Teachers have goals, called lesson plans, for each of their classes. For example, how do you teach students about the metric system if they have never been exposed to the concept? A lesson plan is a step-by-step breakdown of how the teacher plans to accomplish this task. Then, how do teachers measure how well you are learning the material?”