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  • Outcomes

    Focus on outcomes. Max

  • Book – Goal Setting For Students

    The award winning Goal Setting for Students book helps parents, teachers and group leaders teach students how to apply the goal setting principles in school and in life. “… I learned to never give up. It is important to have pride in yourself and to try your hardest to achieve all your goals.” Ryan Chase, student If you write a book about goal setting, you should have some goals for what you are trying to accomplish. My three goals for the book were: To teach students how to take responsibility for their education To help teachers reach their goals in the classroom To include parents in this collaborative educational

  • FREE Goal Setting PowerPoint Presentation Accent On Success’ mission is to get the life skills messages from the Goal Setting for Students book to as many teachers, administrators, counselors, group leaders, parents and students as possible. To that end the nonprofit offers a complete (55 slide) PowerPoint presentation at NO CHARGE.  It covers all eight chapters of the award winning book and shows students how to use these principles in the classroom. What is unique about this goal setting program? Shows students how to use these principles IN SCHOOL Shows students how to help their teachers succeed Includes parents and other caregivers Includes discussion stimulating questions Eight chapters – not

  • Your Space

    Own your space. Whether it is school, work sports, relationships, etc. - take ownership if you want a bright future. Erin B., advice from her

  • Smile

    Smile and light up someone else's world. Harriett J., advice from her