The Awesome Power of YES

Are you a Yes person?

The word YES speaks volumes about the type of person you want to be.  It tells people that you are willing to make a commitment and be held accountable.
No validates our fears.
Yes vibrates us from them.
Yes people are solution oriented
Yes people seek out others who can help them succeed
Yes people minimize excuses
Yes people have a sense of urgency
Yes people do more than is expected
Yes people are results oriented
Yes people are determined
Yes people understand good decision lead to good results
Yes people are courageous
Yes people know the rewards of a job well done
Yes people are committed
Yes people are open to change
Yes people know how to set and achieve goals
Yes people have desire
Yes people have self-respect
Yes people are disciplined
Yes people help others
Yes people take responsibility
Yes people are dependable
Yes people are accountable for their actions
Yes people are problem solvers
Many of us say No much more easily. The negative word allows us to remain in our comfort zone, but it also stops us from reaching our full potential.
Say Yes for a much fuller life for you and the people you interact with everyday.
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